Our mission

Our mission is simple: Tell the untold stories.Does your nonprofit have a story to tell? Let's show the world together.

Are our untold stories ever heard?


What does "Home" mean to you?

We have the opportunity to work alongside numerous nonprofits with amazingstories. Each one has its own inspirational cause, but we've found many are lookingto improve upon the places we call "home."

If a child is forced to flee from a war-torn nation with his mother... will he ever have a home?


The Problem

Nearly 11 million of us work in the United States' nonprofit sector, and millionsmore volunteer their time and energy to doing good. But many will never get thechance to tell these stories - your story - to the world. We think it's time for that to change.

If a girl is abducted in the middle of the night and sold into slavery... will she ever have a home?


The Solution

Video tells a story unlike any other medium. We want to devote our time andenergy to help you touch more lives and inspire others on a daily basis.

If a river floods and a family's house is lost... will they ever have a home?


Show, don't tell

We believe that our partners succeed as a team. But we also know it takes a lotmore than hope, faith, and dedication for your story to reach a larger audience. Ittakes a story to help people realize those qualities.

If an abandoned animal is rescued, but no one adopts him... will he ever have a home?


We want your nonprofit's story to be remembered

Our team has decades of combined experience as professional storytellers. We'rephotographers, writers, artists, advertisers, journalists - each one of us devotes our lives to the practice.We've told dozens of narratives.

All that's missing is yours.

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