Everyone has a different interpretationof what "home" means to them.What's yours?

2017 Project “Home"

The word "Home" means many things to many different people.But what does "Home" mean to you?Tell us your interpretation.
Tell Us Your Story

“I had to watch the video before showing it to our team… I have cried my eyes out. Thank you just is not enough to say.

You and your team have an incredible gift.  To be a recipient of your gift is beyond words.  For the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

— Patricia Hairston
Program Director, Canines for Service

“Project Home: The Next Battle”
Official Trailer

Monthly Category Winner: Best Documentary (UK Monthly Film Fest)

Three veterans. Three service dogs. Six stories woven into one. When the fight ends, and the soldiers return home, their battles are far from over. For Canines for Service, a nonprofit dedicated to retraining rescue dogs for disability services, home is the bond between human and animal. Witness the power of two lives rescuing each other.

“Project Home: Roots”

Our inspiration for every film comes from our motto: “untold stories.” We believe that everyone, no matter who they are or where they are from, has a powerful story waiting for the world to hear. It’s our hope that by watching our film you’ll learn something new about the world, and appreciate a real story about real people that you might not have heard before.

When we first came across this story, we were inspired by friendliness; the specific neighborly energy you absorb from people who already found a place to call home forever. You can hear it in Grace’s recollections. You can see it in Linda’s smile. And with every meal delivered to someone’s door or every nail that’s hammered into a new roof, we ultimately felt the thing that matters most: love.