If you get up early, and you don’t have Bojangles, have you really started your day? Maybe.

Chris and I say absolutely not. So, we had no choice but to introduce Ali to the Southern staple. He ordered a biscuit and unsweetened tea, which to be honest, I didn’t even know they served. I was expecting his entire world to be changed, but his reaction was rather anti-climactic. He was a bit fixated on the over-saltiness, which I think is the best part. Oh well. Off to

Off to Atlanta we went, once again busy before the sun showed its face. This time, we were taking a break from our Click & Pledge Foundation work. Instead, we were on a mission to launch the GAgives on #GivingTuesday campaign, a 24-hour fundraising marathon scheduled for November 28th. 

This mission took us to the 18th floor of the downtown Equitable building. From there, we could see some of the finest attractions the city has to offer.  

We went live on Facebook for the group gathering of dozens of nonprofits from around Georgia.  Our director of training, Susan Higgs, took a train from Mississippi to lead a breakout session regarding online fundraising.

We capped off the event with one-on-one interviews with some of the organizations. We will cut together videos for them to help them spread the word about their mission, with the goal of raising lots of much-needed donations during GAgives on #GivingTuesday.

After an interesting lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant, and a stop at an audio store (and if you’re storytellers, this means a toy store), we hit the road toward our third stop: Warner Robins, Georgia.

I don’t usually nap at 6 p.m., but in this case, I snagged one. I woke up just in time to capture a blurry rendition of the beautiful Georgia sunset.

During moments like this, I think about how it doesn’t matter where I am, the same sun sets in the evening. We are all under the same sun. We all look up to relatively the same view, no matter where we look from. 

Warner Robins, here we come!