Well, we’re running late. But you know what? Today, it doesn’t matter. We have no schedule, just the open road ahead of us.

I took the first shift driving again. I figured, once I’m awake, I might as well do something. So, off we go.

I have a driving philosophy. Go until you can’t go anymore. That includes not just physical stamina, but also gas.

I contend that we still had plenty of time before we ran out. But the boys were becoming increasingly stressed out, so I finally gave in and stopped. What fun is driving without the little adrenaline rush of wondering whether you’ll get stranded in the middle of the road?

Did we need gas? Sure, eventually. But for real, I had it under control the entire time.

The rest of the trip up went by much faster than the trip down, mainly because we avoided rush hours this time. That C&P parking lot was a sight for sore eyes though. Now, if only I could muster the energy to actually get out of the car.

We did it, team! And we can’t wait to show you the stories. Stay tuned to #ProjectHome!