Our Wilmington adventure has officially begun! We are here for the screening of our documentary, “Project Home: The Next Battle”, at the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival. This also just happens to be the backyard of Canines for Service, our cause featured in the video.

This morning got off to an interesting start, as I prepared for live radio interviews with four Wilmington stations with no voice. I brought a friend from Blacksburg down to adventure with me, and she forced me to drink this awful tea. I fought it, but as much as I hate to admit it, it actually really helped. I arrived at the studio with a cup of hot water in hand, ready to salvage whatever I could.

Once I got a little warmed up, things went great. You can check out most of the interviews on our Facebook page, courtesy of Ali working hard! Pat Hairston from Canines for Service joined us with the organization’s service dog representative, Angel.

The rest of the day was spent exploring and preparing for the premiere tomorrow. The festival moved our piece from an auditorium of 50 to 100 because of the positive response, so we are hoping for a sold out crowd! Stay tuned!