The excitement is coming. I just need to manage to get both of my eyes open first.

Today is already unusual for at least two members of the Click & Pledge Foundation team (Chris and myself), as we are up before the sun. Our third member, Ali, tells me he is always up before the sun. I cannot relate.

However, it does provide for some great photo opportunities. So today, I took full advantage before we hit the road to three Georgia cities, for our third C&P Foundation shoot.

After some confusion about which vehicle would be ours to rent, we finally ended up with our fresh new minivan that we knew would turn all the heads.

We finally departed Roanoke around 9 a.m. Our first and last stops consisted of Starbucksthe fuel inside our cups equally as important as the gas in our tank. I strategically took the first driving shift, so that I could leave the Atlanta rush-hour traffic to the boys, and take a much-needed nap.  

We finally made it to our first foundation shoot destination: Columbus, Georgia. We straggled into the hotel around 8 p.m., ready for food and sleep. Although the road from Blacksburg to Columbus may have drained us physically, the anticipation makes sleep difficult, but dreaming easy: The faces we are to meet, and the stories we are to hear begin tomorrow.

Much more coming!