We’re slowly but surely learning about rush hour traffic in places other than Blacksburg.

Today, we had the foresight to plan our departure to Washington, D.C. to avoid the 5 p.m. craze, unlike our Atlanta adventure in September. #growth.

Our crew is one man smaller this time. Chris will hold down the fort, after he does some heavy lifting, of course.

Off we go for shooting with Leslie Nicole Smith, a retired Army captain who has two speaking engagements in D.C. this week. While the trip was smooth sailing traffic-wise, the familiar gas debate quickly surfaced before we made it out of Christiansburg.

Again, I contend that 21 miles to empty is no cause for alarm. Ali… well, he didn’t agree. So, we stopped.

While I hope to get much crisper shots of the sunset over the next few days, I had to attempt this drive-by snapshot of the travel day nearing its close. FYI, I was the passenger at this point. The anticipation of capturing more of Leslie’s story has my heart full and thankful to be doing this.