We have one more day in Columbus before we call a wrap on our Georgia trip. We are returning to the Homeless Resource Network to finish up a couple more interviews we didn’t have time for during the first Columbus stop.

This time we crossed the street to a building that houses what is known as the shower program. It’s a place for homeless folks to come get a shower, coffee and some television time a few days a week.

We had to wait a while for our first interviewee to arrive. So naturally, while we’re waiting on people, we turn our attention to the wildlife outside, and to each other. It’s hard when you have a camera in your hand not to use it somehow.

Then, David arrived. He received an apartment in March of this year. He remembered the moment he got his keys down to the hour.

“I wish people understood that we (homeless people) are just like them.”

David used the shower program every chance he got when he was homeless.

“Having somewhere to wash off and drink hot coffee, it just makes you feel normal again.”

We concluded production by interviewing HRN’s director, Liz.

“This isn’t their life. This is their situation.”

It struck me how every HRN client we interviewed mentioned Liz and the other workers there by name. There is so much love and appreciation for these ladies. When I asked the ladies about it, they said it’s amazing the respect you receive if you’re willing to give respect and simply treat people like human beings.

Well, that was a wrap on our work in Georgia. The drive home is about nine hours, so we stayed one more night before hitting the road. That meant downtown Columbus exploration, and of course, more playing with our cameras.

We’re tired. Posing is hard.

We even found a new outfit that we figured we would surprise our boss with on our return.

It’s bedtime. See you tomorrow, Blacksburg.