“If I had known what was coming, I would have walked longer.”

As we rode together to film her part in the Wounded Warrior Experience in downtown Washington, D.C., retired Army Capt. Leslie Smith described the last vacation she took before the deployment to Bosnia that changed her life forever. She recalled a walk she took on the beach, and how she wishes she would have savored it just a little bit more.

It was a moment that will stick with me. There was something profound here. This sentiment wasn’t something of self pity. It was a moment of reflection, that came coupled with an astonishing selflessness.

“Everything I’ve sacrificed, I would sacrifice again in a heartbeat if I was asked. I think most of us would say the same thing.”

That’s quite the statement. I honestly don’t know that it’s one I would be big enough to make, if I was the one standing in front of the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial. Leslie has lost a leg and all but about five percent of her vision. Her life is full of moment by moment struggles to do things most people take for granted. Yet, she would give it all up again in a heartbeat. For me, for you, for this country and its freedom, for her fellow brothers and sisters in arms. That’s a hero, that’s a leader.

At the Wounded Warrior Experience, which airs on Fox Business for Veterans Day, we heard even more harrowing stories from some of the best people this country has to offer.

They gave up so much on and off the battlefield, and are now living with a level of grace, bravery and determination beyond most of our comprehensions. It was a privilege to hear them. Leslie was on one of three panels, each with a different topic. Her panel tackled suicide prevention among veterans.

After that, it was time to call a wrap on the D.C. trip. We found a Starbucks, put on comfortable clothes and headed home. Sorry we aren’t including a picture of our arrival, but at 1:45 a.m., I think we are doing you a favor.